For my white friends, followers, and clients: Below you'll find links to resources that have helped me in my learning, unlearning, and understanding of the many, many forms of racial and social injustice, and how we as white folks can begin to *do something*.


PLEASE, if you follow one of these links and it takes you to the account of a Black person or person of color, DO NOT ask them to help you learn more. They are not your resources, but many have CREATED resources for us to learn.


We need to utilize those resources, both paid and graciously offered for free, and DO THE WORK ourselves. Thanks in advance for adhering to this request. Together, we can figure this out, but we must also be willing to do our own individual work and learning to get there.


Please note: All images below are screenshots from the posts or websites I've linked to. They are intentionally small in size, and meant as a quick reference only, and are the property of the linked accounts, unless otherwise stated by the poster.

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